Mama, toss the cookie cutters!

Mama, toss the cookie cutters!

After a quiet emotional outburst in conversation with my Mother, I gained some interesting and much needed realizations. Though the desire to be the perfect Mother and the perfect family has never been a thought for me (I mean, why would it? No one is perfect right?)I've realized my actions and decisions and choices since being a mother says otherwise. 

Even before the girls were born I had already chosen daycare, elementary, middle, and high schools for them. I mapped out the neighborhood we would live in, how our home would look, and our family vacations. Now, this may seem like “proper planning” but once the dream doesn’t reflect real life and stress and anxiety begins to rise, herein is where the issue lies.

At that moment, on the phone with my Mom, feeling like a failure because the dream I assumed my girls would want so badly was not our reality, it hit me. 

These weren’t even the things I really wanted. Looking back at that young girl who was ready to take the fashion industry by storm, she never wanted this cookie cutter image of what life was supposed to look like. She was resilient, daring, a risk taker, rough around the edges, and fearless. Exactly what we are raising our girls to be. So no wonder the “dream” isn’t working. It never belonged to me. It wasn’t authentic to who I am and who we are as a family. 

We are a family who march to the beat of our own drums. We are a family who is accepting of who we are and what our version of “the good life” looks like for US! We are trendsetters and risk takers. We are passionate and direct. We love intensely and fight for those we love. We are creative and imaginative. 

So now we move on to being authentically us. We continue on our journey of living life the way we really want as opposed to what we think we should want.

This is  your sign too.

Xoxo, The Mama

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