Happy Spring!

 As the days grow longer and the temperatures begin to climb, I feel like a weight is being lifted. That is one of the many reasons why I love Spring. But for some reason, this winter has felt so much heavier and longer. 

It could be because Kennedy has been planning her May birthday since Halloween (lol) or because she has been talking about her Myrtle Beach vacation for the past month or so. Either way, I’m so ready to transition our home for the season. I’ve compiled a few ways for you to DIY Spring Upgrades to your home!

  • Add fresh flowers or flowering branches to your vases: This is an easy way to elevate your space. Purchase or pick some branches on one of your nature walks with the kids. 

  • Create a Signature Spring Scent: Two words. Stovetop Potpourri. Natural homemade scents are such an easy way to bring Spring into your home. Just put some of your favorite scents, lemon, lavendar, mint, and some water and boil. Voila! Spring is in the air!

  • Just add fruit!: Using fruit for centerpieces on your dining room table or out on display in the kitchen is a subtle and impactful way to brighten your home this season.

  • Swap out your textiles: Lighten up the colors and fabrics of your curtains, blankets and throw pillows. During the winter, I have a combination of sheer and velvet blackout curtains, leather throw pillows and heavy throws in the living room. I am able to keep my home aesthetic the same but still transform it with these simple swaps.

  • A good ole’ Spring Cleaning: Have you ever noticed the difference you feel when you just tidy up your home and when you go insane and clean everything from top to bottom and throw out all of the clutter and evidence of your hoarding? Spring cleaning is great for your mental health. 

Your home is sort of like a mirror of your inner state. “Living space is a powerful metaphor for your life. Whether you know it or not, you can’t change your life without changing your home, and vice versa,” -Martha Beck

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