About Us

The most cherished heirlooms are the sweet memories of our family that we pass down to our children. Create a legacy of fond memories. 
Moments become memories. Memories become treasures.
Every family has a story…welcome to ours.

How we started:

The brand blossomed from creative bonding time with my girls, Kennedy & Kendall. I'm creative by nature and noticed the same traits in my oldest daughter, Kennedy. With my educational background and professional experience in the fashion industry and the girls' enthusiasm for making things pretty, Hey Gul was born! Quickly what started out just having family and friends ask me to make bows for their girls, has turned into the most beautiful and memorable journey for our little family. 


Brand Mission: 

In our world, girls are encouraged to express themselves and be confident in their differences and have a voice. It's our mission for EVERY girl to feel special and be able to adorn her naturally beautiful tresses no matter her hair type. 


Each of our collections are inspired by our family’s roots, traditions and keepsake memories. Growing up, my Mama made sure that I knew all about our family’s history. Especially the women. It empowered me to feel the love, support and strength of our ancestors and I, in turn, pour that into Kennedy and Kendall so that they know they can take on the world too.