St. Valentine's Day. Yay or Nay??

St. Valentine's Day. Yay or Nay??

There has always been this debate of whether or not Valentine's Day is a real holiday. You have one side saying " I don't need one day to prove to someone that I love them" and the other side celebrating and expecting to be swept off their feet on February 14th.

Growing up, my parents celebrated with us the traditional way and bought us special gifts.  To be honest, as an adult I was definitely the one who didn't celebrate it as much. Relationship or not. Since becoming a Mom, a girl Mom especially, my stance has unknowingly changed. 

Valentine's Day has slowly crept up to number 2 on my list of favorite holidays and here's why:

1.) I think the world needs a little more love these days. The last decade, or two, the world has seen some very dark days. So dark that one can wonder if humanity will ever "get it right". But I think if we can show passion, empathy, compassion, love, encouragement, respect, integrity, honor, even if for one day, it's a start in the right direction.

2.) Affection builds confidence and is the root for establishing a sense of value in our children. We love on our girls everyday. They are both very affectionate and great at communicating their wants and needs. At 4, Kennedy has no problem letting her Dad know that it is time for another Daddy/ Daughter Day or if she wants cuddles from Mama before bed. We've used Valentine's Day as a day focused on bonding through creating sweet treats for each other and making crafts together.

Yes, we do these things often on occasion but for this special day, all we talk about is love. Who we love, how we show our love, ways that are not loving, etc. It's teaching them at an early age to understand love, be able to express it, and know when it is not being reciprocated.

and lastly

3.) St. Valentine's Day has a fascinating history. As parents to our girls, we provide lots of magical moments and protect them as much as possible from many harsh realities at this time, however, we refuse to not educate them on the world they live in,  so much is shared and explained in doses based on their maturity level. 

History is a crucial part of where we are and where we are headed and we use this opportunity to share the roots of St. Valentine's Day in both Christian and Ancient Roman traditions.

What are your thoughts? Do you celebrate Valentine's Day with your family?

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